Robert McKay

English Learners, Research, Study Skills, ADHD Support, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Business, Financial Literacy, Economics, AP Human Geography

I became a teacher because I love to learn, and started Ignite when I got bored with teaching the same things every day! I love to diversity of learners and colleagues I get to work with, and I'm constantly learning as much as my students are! I'm a publishing writer (working on selling my first crime novel), active citizen and total geek on all things politics, history, geography and economics. I love helping students unlock their own most urgent ideas and find their fire for research, writing, and intellectual creativity. I ask a lot of questions, take academic box-checking requirements seriously but with plenty of salt, and see good grades as a pleasant side-effect of the voracious curiosity true intellectual mentorship can unleash. I'm excited to work with you!

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